Bookly PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on)


Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly PRO plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to process online payments during the booking process, Bookly PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on) is the perfect solution for you. By integrating this add-on with your Bookly PRO booking form, you can offer your customers a secure and popular payment gateway to pay via credit card or PayPal account. With all payments processed through PayPal, you can rest assured that the transaction is safe and reliable.


  • Add PayPal payment option to the Bookly online booking form
  • Clients can pay using their PayPal balance or credit card
  • Use price correction feature to affect the appointment price if clients use PayPal
  • Send tax information to the payment gateway (if the Bookly Taxes (Add-on) is installed and activated)
  • Simple and seamless checkout experience for your customers

Please note: PayPal service availability varies by country/region. In some countries, PayPal does not allow paying by card, but only allows payment through a PayPal account. Guest checkout (credit card payment without login to PayPal account) may not always be available based on a number of factors. For more info, please refer to PayPal documentation or contact PayPal Customer Service.

Important: PayPal Business or PayPal Premier account is required for this add-on to function.

In the same way as all Bookly add-ons, the PayPal payments feature seamlessly integrates with the Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System – the setup takes only a few minutes.

Read how to set up and use the Bookly PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on) in our detailed documentation.




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