The Door Guardian – Door Lock for in-Swinging Doors, Home Security Latch Device, Childproof, Easy to Install (White)

Price: $24.99
(as of Jun 11,2023 17:30:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

the door guardian locksthe door guardian locks

out swinging door lockout swinging door lock

the door guardianthe door guardian Includes: In-swinging door lock parts Screws 3M high-bond adhesive tape Optional safety/childproof insert

The Door Guardian

In-Swinging Door Lock

Protect your home and live with peace of mind. The Door Guardian in-swinging door lock does just that. Our door lock device is an affordable and effective home safety solution. Built with strength and durability in mind, this lock secures and reinforces any in-swinging door against high-force impact and resists forced entry through exterior doors.

It’s now easier and simpler than ever to feel safe and reassured with a Door Guardian out-swinging door lock.

Safety Solutions for The Home

door guardian lock installdoor guardian lock install

door guardian lock on doordoor guardian lock on door

door guardian lock childproofdoor guardian lock childproof

Secure Your Home in Minutes

It’s quick and easy to install the lock in under ten minutes by attaching the 3M high-bond tape side of the lock to the door frame, and further securing with the included screws. Its low-profile design blends discreetly onto doors without damaging or altering the door or door frame.

Compatible with Most Doors

This lock is able to secure doors in homes, condos, apartments, dorms, and more. It can be applied on front doors, side doors, back doors, garage entrance doors, balcony doors, patio doors, bedroom doors, french doors, double doors, and more!

Easy Childproofing Solution

Our lock can provide additional safety for parents looking to childproof their home. The optional safety insert prevents children from opening the lock without the key insert. It has also been used to provide safety to children or adults with special needs as well as adults with Alzheimer’s who may attempt to wander.

In-Swinging Doors

Out-Swinging Doors

Easy To Install


High-Force Impact Resistant

the door guardianthe door guardian

The Door Guardian

At The Door Guardian, we’ve designed and patented a line of revolutionary door latches and home safety devices for windows, exterior doors, and patio sliders. Our Door Guardian locks are simple-to-install and easy-to-use safety solutions, giving peace of mind to you and your family.

Quick Install – Takes less than 10 minutes to install and begin using. Uses 3M high bond tape and includes screws for extra strength and reinforcement
Use Anywhere – Able to secure doors in homes, apartments, condos, dorms, and more. Can be installed on front, garage, patio, and bedroom doors, etc.
Childproof & Tamper-Resistant – Effective at childproofing your home. The optional safety insert prevents children from opening the lock
Practical Design – Our in-swinging door lock is a cost-effective, easy to install, easy to use, and effective home security solution

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