American Door Jammer, Portable Door Lock for Home Defense, Travel Door Lock for Motels, Hostels, B&B, Dorms, Door Security Lock for School Lockdowns, Door Security Bar, Quick Install Door Lock

Price: $14.99
(as of Jan 31,2023 01:13:56 UTC – Details)

EASY TO USE – Installation is easy and takes only seconds on any door, even a child can install this security door lock.
A DOOR JAMMER YOU CAN RELY ON – Mid-door resistance is the most secure. Doors are prone to cracking or twisting when top or bottom door jammers are used.
INDUSTRIAL GRADE MATERIALS – Manufactured with industrial-strength polycarbonate and stainless steel. A personal security device that is made to last, useful in any situation where a temporary door lock ensures your immediate safety.
SCHOOL SAFETY DEVICE – Fire Department regulations prohibit permanent locks on most classroom doors. Our portable door lock is a fast, temporary safety solution that can be installed and removed by children and adults alike.
TRAVEL SAFETY DEVICE – Perfect travel lock to use as a door lock for hotel rooms, Bed and Breakfast, vacation rentals, and all other situations where an extra lock is desirable.
SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT – At only 6.5oz/185g, it is the lightest and strongest portable door lock on the market.
SELF-DEFENSE TOOL – A useful addition to any self-defense weapon kit for women and men alike.
[Super fast & easy install] With our SLIDE-LOCK design feature, install the portable door lock in seconds – no tools needed. Engineered so that even kids can easily install or remove the door security lock.
[Industrial grade material] Our portable lock is made of industrial-grade stainless steel and sturdy polycarbonate; designed to take instant control of inward opening doors without damaging the door or frame, used as a true door security lock.
[Instant safety] A great travel door lock, for hotel rooms, classrooms, vacation rentals, dorms, apartments. Used in home defense, as a home security door lock, for Classroom lockdown emergencies, police operations and more.
[Portable & light weight] Great portable door lock for travel weighs only 6.5oz/185g, the door jammer fits easily in your luggage, backpack, or purse as a door security bar alternative.
[Strong & reliable] A great alliance of strength and ease of use, our keyless door locking system is built to last. A useful personal safety device and travel door lock for motels, hotels, homes, and rentals. Works on MOST left and right opening doors – simply reverse the unit.

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