Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan on Staying Fit at Any Age

As you get older, basic conditioning appears to be to be one particular of the initial matters to slip. Potentially you are also fast paced, far too drained, much too stressed––the checklist of excuses goes on. Nevertheless, one justification that’s only not accurate is that you are as well old.

When no one mentioned finding older is easy––especially when it comes to preserving fitness––there are plenty of examples of more mature athletes who defy their age and continue carrying out at a large level. Two primary examples are Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan. Whilst the two men are in their 50s, training and health continue to be at the forefront of their aim.

In this 10-minute video clip, the two explore the value of remaining suit as you get more mature, strategies for remaining motivated, and why expressing that you’re “too aged to workout” is not accurate.

A Appear Inside of Laird Hamilton&#039s Wellness Techniques

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