N / A YSTOOL Brake and Clutch Fluid Hand Pump Vacuum Bleeder Tool Kit Brake Oil Change Power Steering Fluid Bleeding Set with Hand Pump Jar Adapters for Auto Car Truck Motorcycle Use (Red)

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Product Description

hand pumphand pump

YSTOOL Brake Bleeder Kit & Vacuum Pump Test Set is a must have tool set that should be in your garage for an urgent need or a rainy day, for testing and diagnosing a wide varity of parts and common systems on most vehicles.

Brake oil absorbs moisture and can cause deterioration, easily appears to lose control, put on brakes out of order etc. So it’s necessary to change brake oil every 20,000~45,000km or about 2~5 years for family cars. The range of recommended brake fluid change intervals varies, depending on your vehicle’s brand, please check your owner’s manual.

YSTOOL hand pump brake bleeder tool kit perfectly works for a quick change of brake fluid and power steering fluid. Simple and efficient, successful and satisfied. Suitable for both home and business applications.

Product Features

1.One-person easy testing job of brake bleeder and automotive vacuum systems

2.Adopting premium copper alloy and abrasion-proof plastic to make it more strong, durable and flexible.

3.Universal for most vehicle makes and models.

4.The portable hand pump pulls the fluid through the brake bleeder valve without the need to use the brake lever or pedal

5.Manual pump is equipped with easy-to-read pressure gauge allows testing of a variety of essential vehicle settings and operations.

6.Wide Usage: Computerized engine control devices, Ignition control devices, Brake systems, Systems testing: AC & heating controls, cruise control systems, headlight cover doors, fuel tank & line testing, vacuum door lock systems, Seal reusable vacuum food storage bags

YSTOOL vacuum pumpYSTOOL vacuum pump

Package List

1x Hand held vacuum pump tester

1x Storage jar

7x Adapters

1x Cup adapter

4x Vacuum hoses (2PCS 4″L, 2PCS 20″L)

2x Plastic covers

1x Instruction

1x Red case

Product Details

YSTOOL hand pumpYSTOOL hand pump





jar & lids

jar & lids



Abundant Adapters

Several types adapters meet various requirements

1.3PCS L type brake bleeder valve adapters

2.Barbed straight hose connector

3.Barbed T type hose connector

4.2PCS straight cone adapters

5.1PC universal cup adapter

Transparent Hoses

4 tubes of different length (2PCS 20″L & 2PCS 4″L) to cover different needs

Transport hoses are transparent for direct observation whether the waste oil is all pumped out

Storage Jar & Two Lids

120ML storage jar

A storage lid and a liquid transfer lid

2PCS o-rings for good sealing effect

Blow-molded Case

Everything is compact in a nice and solid red portable case

It accommodates all the tools easily but doesn’t take up much space in the garage or your trunk

Search B08CR97VPR for black case & B08CRG29YQ for blue case


Easy to Bleed the Brake Oil

1. Make sure vehicles master cylinder reservoir is full and clean brake bleeder valve before the use.

2. Bleed the system in the following order:

a. Master cylinder (If bleeder equipped)

b. Wheel cylinders and calipers in succession, beginning with the wheel closest to the master cylinder and progressing to the one farthest from it

3. Assemble the brake clutch fluid bleeder tool according to following sequence: Hand pump – 4″ hose – transfer cover “To Pump” side – 4″ hose to the bottom of the transfer cover & storage jar – 20″ hose – proper size adapter – vehicle brake bleeder valve

4. Attach the brake bleeding fitting to the bleed screw and pump the brake bleeder pump 10-15 times to create a vacuum in the storage jar

5. Open the vehicle’s brake bleeding fitting 1/4-1/2 turn and allow about 2 in of fluid to flow into the storage jar

6. Fill the master cylinder reservoir back to normal with fresh fluid and proceed to the vehicle’s next brake and perform the same steps as above

Dos: Upon receipt of the goods, please check the products for any damage or omission for timely communication and satisfactory solution

If the brake bleeder valve is stucked, clean it first and remember to suck out the air if you do not change the waste oil this time

Each of your tools and accessories must be air tight during the work. This is why we provide several different fittings for various brake bleeder valve

Connect the side marked “TO PUMP” to hand pump by short 4″L hose, if not, the waste oil may be sucked into the pump and destroy it

Don’ts: Do not invert the jar while using & Do not use the vacuum pump to siphon liquid or it will do damage to the internal chamber


Pneumatic (Need Vacuum Pump, not included)



Pneumatic (Need Air Compressor, not included)

Pneumatic (Need Vacuum Pump, not included)




Vacuum & Pump




1L waste oil bottle, 0.8L new oil bottle

120ML waste oil jar

2PCS 120ML waste oil jars

10L large fluid capacity tank with 5L new oil capacity, 1L waste oil bottle

340ML waste oil bottle

This multi-functional vacuum pump kit can be widely used to test a variety of essential vehicle settings and operations, such as Computerized Engine Control Devices, Ignition Control Devices, Air Condition & Heating Controls, Cruise Control Systems, Brake Systems etc., especially work for changing brake clutch fluid and power steering fluid. Use the hand pump to form negative pressure in the brake system, sucks out waste oil and air, and guide the new oil to fill all the system.
The included three differently sized black L type rubber connectors and two straight cone rubber connectors, can connect with the brake bleeder valve on any vehicles or motorcycles that use standard brake bleed valves. Use the closest sized one to ensure a tight fit. And bleed from master cylinder to wheel cylinder and caliper. There is a universal cup adapter packed in the case, can use as a vacuum sealer to match with your reusable vacuum food storage bags.
The hand pump adopts brass cylinder with a -30 to 0inHg gauge, has pressure-maintaining function and a pressure relief valve on the cylinder. The tool also uses rubber trigger cover to protect hand. The 2PCS 20″L and 2PCS 4″L transport hoses are transparent, help to observe if the waste oil is all pumped out. When you see the clear new brake oil is sucked out in the hose without any air bubble, then done.
In the hand held vacuum pump tester set, there is a 120ml / 4.5oz storage jar, which has liquid storage cover and liquid transfer cover with 2PCS O-rings for sealing. Please note, there is a connection direction request for the liquid transfer cover, connect the side marked “TO PUMP” to hand pump by short 4″L hose, if not, the waste oil may be sucked into the pump and destroy it. Do not invert the jar while using too.
If after pumping several times and you can not pump any more, but the index keeps on certain readings without dropping, maybe it is because of a blocked brake bleeder valve. You need to clean the brake bleeder valve first, and then do not forget to suck out the air if you do not change the waste oil this time. Also we supply 1 year warranty, please feel free to purchase. Please contact us by Amazon message system if there is any question, we will reply in 24 hours.

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