Witch Hazel, What Is It and What Are Its Benefits

Witch hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) is a medicinal shrub that is indigenous to North The us, and has been in use for centuries. Native People in america would typically use the plant to make poultices for painful swelling and bruises. The medicinal qualities are uncovered in the leaves and bark of the plant and have astringent, anti-inflammatory, tonifying and sedative features. These qualities are the final result of the tannic and gallic acids, as nicely as the risky oils identified in the plant. The ‘witch’ in the name may perhaps arrive from the historical use of the plant’s branches as dowsing rods. Dowsing is an aged way of attempting to discover underground wells, and was often associated with witchcraft.

Currently, witch hazel is discovered in most pharmacies and grocery merchants. The products you discover in-store are possibly an liquor or water-primarily based liquid. Either of these answers may be utilized topically for the indicated situations. While witch hazel is normally taken internally for some disorders, the alcohol-based product or service need to not be consumed. If you would like to get witch hazel internally, possibly obtain a drinking water-based mostly products or steep your have witch hazel tea. You may be equipped to find the dried plant at an natural and organic grocery, and be guaranteed to request the area herbalist how best to brew the herb for your unique takes advantage of.

Witch hazel is often employed for the adhering to circumstances:

Acne breakouts:

Applied topically, witch hazel resolution might assistance lower inflammation, kill microbes, and lessen oil output.

Rashes (which include diaper rash):

Used topically, witch hazel solution’s astringent houses might aid decrease inflammation, shrink noticeable veins, and minimize pain.

Oily Pores and skin:

A frequent use for witch hazel, when applied topically might tighten pores and vessels and minimize oil output.


Typically, witch hazel tea was taken for this affliction to assist it mend, and a resolution was used topically to minimize signs.

When taken as instructed on the container or by a expert, witch hazel, is generally a protected products, while, there are a couple factors to be aware of. Witch hazel preparations are commonly made for topical use and may perhaps not be risk-free for intake. Also, the liquor-base ordinarily utilised may well dry out skin or result in an adverse reaction, and an personal may well have an allergic response to the plant itself.

In excess of all, witch hazel is a safe and sound and conveniently obtainable all-natural product. It has been used safely for hundreds of years for its anti-inflammatory and astringent attributes. It is valuable for rashes, acne breakouts, and varicose veins, and oily pores and skin. Just be mindful of above applying any alcohol-dependent answers as they may well excessively dry your skin.

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