9 Effective Yoga Asanas that Help Relieve Headaches

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Yoga is an age-outdated follow that consists of working on the physique, head, breath, and spirit collectively. Extended prior to any medications had been used for treatment, yoga was made use of as a system to preserve the human body in pristine wellness. Right now, yoga is becoming advocated as a purely natural possibility to manage circumstances ranging from arthritis and rheumatism to blood stress, diabetes, and thyroid. In this report, we will be focusing on the follow of yoga for headache.

Yoga Asanas to Reduce Head aches

Yoga functions on restoring stability and harmony inside the body. It aims at getting rid of stiffness and rigidity and enhances blood circulation to all pieces. The stream of oxygen is one more crucial component that yoga principally focuses on. For that reason, when doing any asana, try to remember to do it in a tranquil condition of brain and unhurried fashion. Most importantly, try to remember to concentration on your respiratory at all situations. Don’t be fooled by the lengthy names. You will often uncover yoga asanas with names that are challenging to pronounce because like the yogic apply alone, the names have been in Sanskrit. When you realize the asana or pose, you will come across that it is, in fact, easy to execute. Here we convey you a established of 9 yoga asanas that can assistance to tranquil and rest your human body and enable minimize your head aches instantly. 

#1 Padangusthasana 

Padangusthasana is between the most basic poses in apply. When finding out yoga, this is a single of the initially workouts that are taught. 

To conduct this pose, 

  1. Stand with your feet a little bit apart. 
  2. Now bend ahead slowly at the waistline all the way to the base, and keep the massive toe of every foot with your hand. 

This pose necessitates a considerable amount of flexibility, so do not fear if you are not able to go all the way down. To commence with, bend your knees somewhat, or merely go as lower as your entire body allows you to.

Added benefits

This pose assists increase the blood circulation to the mind. With a lot more oxygen and blood in the mind, you are sure to expertise rapid reduction from your headache.

 #2 Marjariasana


This asana is referred to as the cat pose. 

For this pose, 

  1. Get down on your knees, and place your palms on the flooring. 
  2. Extend your ft out at the rear of you, and make sure your back again is straight, in a situation parallel to the flooring. This is your commencing place. 
  3. Now arch your back, pulling by yourself upwards and absent from the ground. 
  4. Pull as large as you can, and drop your head a little bit. 
  5. Hold, and launch the asana. 

You could also do the converse after you are back in the starting up position. Arch the other way, bringing your back again towards the ground and lifting your head in the direction of the ceiling. When you Inhale glance up and arch the again and when you exhale glimpse down towards the upper body. This is a variation of the asana that can also be performed in alternate repetitions. 


This pose stretches the back again and neck very well, relieving tension and stress. It is also a superior pose to help enhance blood circulation. 

#3 Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

The much more typical name for this asana is the dolphin pose or the peacock pose (the name Mayura indicates peacock, and pincha signifies feather). 

To get started this asana, 

  1. You want to have your arms and knees on the flooring. 
  2. Your forearm need to be placed firmly on the ground, ensuring your elbows and shoulders are all in a straight line. 
  3. Now elevate off, making certain your again and hips occur off the ground. Your head really should be on the floor, tucked in between your elbows. 
  4. Don’t forget, at this phase, your forearms, head, and ft are the only sections of your human body in contact with the ground. 

This pose, to the onlooker, resembles an inverted sort of the letter ‘V’. Maintain this pose for a few seconds, and little by little come back again to your starting place.


This pose presents the overall body a very excellent stretch and relaxes it fully. It also will help strengthen the movement of blood and oxygen to the brain and is between the finest yoga routines for complications.

#4 Balasana


The youngster pose is an quick asana to accomplish. 

To complete this asana,

  1. Sit down on your knees. 
  2. Stretch your thighs, and permit your bottom relaxation on your feet. 
  3. Now lower your physique to the flooring until finally your head touches the floor. You will see your head drop shut to your knees. 
  4. Extend your arms out towards your feet and maintain this position for a number of counts. Now release and come back to the commencing posture little by little. 

Positive aspects

This training is great for people with anxiety and anxiety considering the fact that it calms the entire body and also will help reduce soreness in the system. It increases blood circulation towards the head location.

#5 Supta Virasana

Supta Virasana

This yoga posture is recognized to make improvements to restoration. It allows superior our respiration. It assists reinforce the arches of the foot. 

To execute this pose, 

  1. Sit down on your knees and enable your buttocks contact the ground. 
  2. Spot your feet totally on the ground, and enable them experience outwards. 
  3. Do not relaxation your bottom on your legs. 
  4. Now gently reduce your overall body working with the aid of your fingers and lie down on the flooring. 
  5. Let your legs maintain their position and truly feel the stretch. Now consider your palms more than your head and sort a namaste pose. 
  6. Your hands, head, and toes ought to all be on the ground. 

Make certain you come to feel each and every component of your human body stretch out wholly. 


This asana harmonizes the human body beautifully, restoring harmony almost immediately. The extend allows release tension and lowers stress and anxiety and headache virtually instantaneously.

#6 Paschimottanasana


This is a pretty quick pose to execute, while it does have to have a selected quantity of overall flexibility. This is also termed a forward bend. 

To practice this pose,

  1. Sit easily on your work out mat, trying to keep your legs stretched straight. 
  2. Now Inhale and elevate your hands up and slowly and gradually lessen your entire body until your head drops down on to your knees. 
  3. Attempt and curl your hands around your toes, or clasp both hands alongside one another about your toes. 
  4. Continue to keep this posture held for a handful of counts just before you increase on your own into the starting up situation. 

Positive aspects

This is an amazing workout for people today who experience head aches brought on by pressure and panic.

#7 Setu Bandhasana 

Setu Bandhasana

Most individuals know this physical exercise as the bridge pose. It helps in stretching the entire body and increases blood circulation. 

To get started off, 

  1. Lie down on your again, with your knees bent and feet touching the flooring. 
  2. Continue to keep your fingers on your aspect, parallel to your body. 
  3. Breathe in and out deeply. 
  4. Now carry your back and thighs off the floor, so that only your head, neck, and toes go on to retain get hold of with it. 
  5. Maintain this pose for a handful of counts, breathing in and out in a relaxed fashion. 
  6. Reduced little by little and arrive back to the starting up placement.

You will discover that the arch of your torso and thighs give the perception of a wide bridge this is wherever the pose will get its identify. 


This is a incredibly calming pose. The extend in the entire body allows take it easy it, whilst the respiration can help continual the head. By this, you will come across a ton of the stress in the body start to dissipate and really feel anxiety and stress lessen significantly.

#8 Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani

For this asana, 

  1. Lie down flat and position your arms by your aspect.
  2.  Now set your fingers on your hips and slowly but surely increase your legs at your midsection. 
  3. Elevate off as high as you can, firmly retaining your shoulders put on the ground. 

Although this seems complicated, your system will be perfectly-supported by your neck, shoulders, and arms. Hold this situation for a handful of counts and reduce gently.


This is a really calming physical exercise that helps convey about manage and balance inside of the overall body. It is good to relieve pressure and headaches.

#9 Shavasana


This is amid the most widespread yoga poses due to the fact it follows each individual exercise session. This is the greatest cool-down for any individual. 

You can commence off by,

  1. The pose necessitates you to lie on your again and with your arms and legs a snug length aside. 
  2. With your eyes closed, you need to have to lie in this posture for a several times, concentrating only on your breath. 

Your mind is intended to be distinct of all thoughts.


This is a really energizing and invigorating training that helps you deal with anxiety, aches, and pains. Maybe this is all you required to cure the headache, following all!


Yoga has been built to restore harmony in the body and carry about bodily, mental, and emotional harmony. On a regular basis practising yoga is the perfect answer to not just curing conditions, but blocking them from recurring as perfectly. This is a great apply for people today of all ages and types. Make sure you get your dose of goodness every single day!

Regularly Questioned Queries (FAQs)

Q. Are there any aspect consequences when accomplishing yoga for a headache?

A. Yoga does not commonly have any facet effects. There is also a nominal chance of suffering injuries while executing yoga. However, if you have any significant illnesses or are expecting, seek advice from your health care provider before you start out.

Q. Are there any procedures for doing yoga?

A. Yoga is an inclusive exercise that is straightforward to adhere to by all people and involves just about no tools. On the other hand, all proponents of yoga suggest that it be practiced on an empty tummy, and preferably when the bowels have been emptied much too. It is finest to give the system at least three hrs right after a food ahead of you do your exercise routines.

Q. When is the most effective time to do yoga for a headache?

A. Yoga can be practiced practically any time, even though its greatest benefits can be expert when it is performed early in the morning. With yoga for headache, it is excellent that you do your physical exercises in the early morning so that your overall body is contemporary, and also so it feels solid and stops head aches from developing all through the day.

Q. How prolonged should really I do yoga for a headache?

A. A yoga schedule must be at minimum thirty minutes prolonged, which include your respiratory workout routines, warm up asanas and Shavasana. If you have fewer time, you could opt for the most important asanas for the working day, but do make certain that you observe for at minimum 20 minutes for it to operate. Prayama also plays an essential position in head aches. Nadi Suddhi pranayama can be accomplished for 7 instances together the full program.

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