BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set Blender Beauty Foundation Blending Sponge, Flawless for Liquid, Cream, and Powder, Multi-colored Makeup Sponges

Price: $8.99
(as of Sep 21,2020 09:03:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Five spongesFive sponges

Five sponges (1)Five sponges (1)


BEAKEY is a professional beauty brand that innovative and dynamic growth. We devote to provide affordable but high-quality beauty tools.

Fashion never sleeps. We want to help every woman showing their beauty and confidence with premium makeup tools. That is why BEAKEY is here!

Whether you are a fresh beauty enthusiast or a senior artist, come & join us to meet your needs!

Why should you choose BEAKEY makeup sponge in your makeup routine?

All BEAKEY makeup sponges are made of non-latex materials, which have a super soft & bouncy feel.

BEAKEY blender can provide you with a smooth and even look, it’s suitable for various cosmetics.

More colors, more fun! We designed 5 bright colors for you, which easy to distinguish different parts and cosmetics, bring you a happy mood.

Premium materials and outstanding design attract most buyers love them. It also a gift which practical, thoughtful and enjoyable for every woman who loves beauty.

Non-latex Material

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Super Soft & Bouncy

Dry & Wet Dual-Use

People 2People 2

Voice from Taís Oliveira

Heeey! If you, like me, care about the products you put on your skin, you should be concerned with the tools used to apply them.

The ultra-soft beauty sponge set from BEAKEY is a great choice.

Have you ever seen such beautiful makeup sponges? Beakey blender sponges are all made of non-latex material. Therefore, they are totally free from cruelty!

I love it so much and I’ m in love with BEAKEY.

People 3People 3

Voice from Gina Ogden

I always use BEAKEY makeup sponges when applying my own makeup & for clients~They are bouncy, great for all types of product formulas, and they clean easily. I really like how they perfectly blur the base, the sponges expand very well and are super soft, they help me create a flawless application and finish.

My favorite thing is how affordable they are for a set of 5! While the quality of them are amazing!!!

I’ m all set for the next 6 months, lol! I may never go back to other blenders again!

People 4People 4

Voice from Andressa Baldessar

Every girl needs a makeup blender and these do NOT disappoint! This BEAKEY makeup sponge set is in my list for a long time. And now she is finally mine. Lol

They are super springy. I wish you could feel these. Yes! You will find the truth when you see it, touch it and try it in person.

I run them under water and then squeeze them until all the water is out then use it with my liquid foundation! When I use these sponges damp it helps to make sure my foundation is spread out even all over my skin, and it’ s not building up in certain spots!

Go get it and try it yourself!!!! Then come back here and tell me I’m right!

people 5people 5

Made from non-latex material, soft feeling, well bouncy beauty sponge, easy to distinguish
Beauty makeup blender sponge gives you a perfect makeup application, avoid the waste of cosmetics
Wet and dry use, blending sponge turns bigger when wet, dab it evenly to form a gorgeous makeup
Reusable & Durable: It’s easy to clean and dry out. We suggest you cleanse it after each use and replace your makeup applicator sponge every 2 months, never miss a bounce.

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