The Benefits of Adding Algae to Your Diet

The discipline of epigenetics has verified that our health and DNA are immediately impacted by what we eat. In other words, our food items basically speaks to our cells. However, more than the previous fifty years our meals has turn into stripped of nutrients, our soil has come to be lifeless, our oceans have develop into polluted, our bodies have become saturated with toxins and our children have turn out to be nutrient-deprived. And it is acquiring even worse. No surprise our bodies, thoughts and earth are so unwell. Continual disease, worldwide warming and viruses plague us. Plainly, we need to have to make a adjust.

The Emerging Science on Algae

Algae (in the sort of spirulina and chlorella) may well not be perfectly regarded by you (nevertheless!) but it’s certainly nicely recognized in the scientific, diet and functional medicine planet. There are virtually 100,000 scientific studies documenting the wellbeing positive aspects of algae. But right up until the COVID-19 crisis and the urgent have to have for far more normal solutions like algae, most of these research by no means built it out of the scientific neighborhood and into the normal purchaser earth. Fortuitously, they are now and if you want to study a couple of the thousands scientific studies and clinical trials that document algae’s wellness positive aspects and potential to fortify the immune system, check out

You may be contemplating to you as you are reading through this “Should we not be obtaining our source of omega 3 fatty acids from fish?”. The remedy is straightforward. What do fish eat? Algae! I normally had a tricky time trusting fish oil longevity, questioning exactly where they have been sourced from, not to mention disliking that fishy just after flavor. Algae, staying a plant food items, is the suitable resource for vegans!


All the protein in spirulina is by now in the amino acid sort. Both equally spirulina (and chlorella) have eighteen of the 20 amino acids, which includes all 9 aminos the entire body can’t produce (crucial amino acids), making it a comprehensive protein
[2]. Similarly crucial, the aminos in spirulina are unstructured so they are quickly and very easily absorbed. This compares to animal protein which can acquire up to 3 days to be digested and absorbed as aminos. [3] You normally finish up absorbing only 10%, as opposed to spirulina which is 99% bioavailable.

Spirulina also offers additional beta carotene than carrots, a lot more iron than spinach, and extra anti-oxidants than blueberries. No ponder it is considered “efficient nutrition.”


Chlorella, a inexperienced algae, is planet acknowledged for its medicinal houses [4] and its capacity to eliminate weighty metals like mercury, direct, and radiation out of the human body [5]. Chlorella also has the maximum concentration of chlorophyll in the earth (200 x more chlorophyll than spinach and even a lot more than liquid chlorophyll).

Chlorophyll is the inexperienced pigment in crops and its chemical composition is almost identical to hemoglobin (crimson blood cells). If that isn’t the largest clue as to how essential chlorophyll is, we do not know what is! Chlorella algae has the optimum concentration of chlorophyll in the world.
Chlorophyll is very critical for a powerful immune system, cleansing your physique and supporting to reduce or avoid serious disease.
[6] During WWII when they ran out of blood for blood transfusions, the wounded have been given liquid chlorophyll and they healed just as rapid! Chlorella is also a scarce supply of Nutritional vitamins B2, B12 and K2, all which are quickly absorbed in the body [7].

Exactly where to get the finest good quality algae and why?

I really feel that it is of utmost value to tell my purchasers and readers how to supply the optimum good quality and safest products if I am referring it. This is the corporation that has done their research and I have preferred to function with

If you are fascinated in getting healthier and/or competing, you want to put ONLY the best high quality meals in your body. The spirulina and chlorella I am referring are NON GMO, grown organically and 100% PURE. There is almost nothing additional and nothing at all subtracted to this algae. It is pure,100% algae. Numerous other spirulina and chlorella providers put “fillers” in their algae. Just like beef, there are distinct “grades” of spirulina and chlorella. The “lower quality” grades have less nutrients, lower focus of protein, and much less potency.

The country of origin where spirulina and chlorella are developed is quite vital. For case in point, quite a few suppliers of spirulina in China have been uncovered to falsify their paper work and promises about being natural and organic.

Be careful about getting spirulina or chlorella that was developed in Japan thanks to the ongoing radiation difficulties from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Spirulina and chlorella are developed hydroponically (in drinking water) so any radiation could potentially be in the Japanese drinking water in small doses.

The algae that I have been using for myself and my consumers is grown in Taiwan. Taiwan is considered to be the gold regular for rising the highest top quality algae. It has been escalating algae for over 40 a long time and has been awarded all the world certifications to make certain they retain the optimum quality command (GMP and ISO9000).

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