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I Appreciate a crispy keto soft shell crab! 

Delicate shell crab is so magnificent simply because you can eat the complete detail! Soft shells are crabs that have moulted (drop their difficult shell). If caught inside 12 hours of shedding, the crabs are pretty soft, so that delicate shell crabs can be cooked and eaten complete, claw to claw (after the crabs are ‘cleaned’ soon after catching). 

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Tender Shell Crab


  1. Heat a solid iron skillet with ½ cup lard or tallow to medium superior heat. Pat the crab dry with paper towel. Spot the powdered pork rinds into a massive shallow dish. Area the crushed eggs into an additional massive shallow dish.
  2. Dip the crab into the eggs and tap, just so the crab has a mild coating. Dip into the pork dust and use your arms to coat the crab very well.
  3. Fall 3-4 crabs into the hot oil and cook for 2 minutes, flip and cook dinner another 2 minutes or right until crab is cooked via. Repeat with remaining crabs.
  4. Finest served contemporary.

Nutritional Facts:
340 energy, 18g fat, 45g protein, .4g carbs, 0g fiber



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