Airman Awareness Testing Health supplement for Activity Pilot, Recreational Pilot, Distant Pilot, and Personal Pilot (FAA-CT-8080-2H)

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**Complete Coloration Print!** This testing nutritional supplement supersedes FAA-CT-8080-2G, Airman Awareness Testing Dietary supplement for Activity Pilot, Leisure Pilot, and Private Pilot, dated 2016.
This Airman Know-how Testing Supplement FAA-CT-8080-2H is designed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Expectations Provider. It is supposed for use by Airman Information Tests (AKT) Firm Designation Authorization (ODA) Holders and other entities approved and/or authorized to administer airman expertise tests on behalf of the FAA in the subsequent information locations:
– Sport Pilot–Airplane (ASEL and ASES)
– Activity Pilot–Gyroplane
– Activity Pilot–Glider
– Activity Pilot–Airship (LTA)
– Activity Pilot–Balloon (LTA)
– Activity Pilot–Weight-Shift Management (WSCS and WSCL)
– Activity Pilot–Powered Parachute (PPL and PPS)
– Recreational Pilot–Airplane (RPA)
– Recreational Pilot–Rotorcraft/Helicopter (RPH)
– Leisure Pilot–Rotorcraft/Gyroplane (RPG)
– Personal Pilot–Airplane/Recreational Pilot–Transition (PAT)
– Private Pilot–Helicopter/Recreational Pilot–Transition (PHT)
– Non-public Pilot–Gyroplane/Leisure Pilot–Transition (POT)
– Non-public Pilot–Airplane (PAR)
– Personal Pilot–Rotorcraft/Helicopter (PRH)
– Private Pilot–Rotorcraft/Gyroplane (Pro)
– Personal Pilot–Glider (POL)
– Non-public Pilot–Free Balloon–Hot Air (PBH)
– Non-public Pilot–Free Balloon–Gas (PBG)
– Private Pilot–Lighter-Than-Air–Airship (PLA)
– Non-public Pilot–Powered-Parachute (PPP)
– Non-public Pilot–Weight-change Handle (PWS)
– Unmanned Aircraft General–Small (UAG)

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