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There are a handful of devices that every home baker should own, regardless of skill level: an electric mixer, a spatula, and an oven, just to name a couple. But even more fundamental than that are the absolutely essential baking tools you need to bake anything outside of a microwave functionally. For a baker, even in keto kitchen, you often need exact measurements and practical tools, or all your hard work and expensive ingredients might get wasted.

Essential Baking Tools and Utensils

We’re going to look at 10 of the must-have utensils for your beginner’s keto baking and why you need them. Brew yourself a cup of bulletproof coffee (if you’re into it), sit back, and get to know our keto kitchen basics.

Food scale

A high quality food scale is so much better than measuring by cups or worse yet, eye-balling your portions. When you’re on a keto diet, you need exacting macros; you don’t want to eat more carbs than necessary, or you’re in danger of knocking yourself out of ketosis.

Likewise, if you’re making keto baked goods, your measurements need to be exact. While regular baking is finicky, ketogenic flours, sweeteners, and binders are exceptionally difficult to work with at first. Too much of one thing or too little of another might utterly ruin your baking efforts.

A decent scale won’t be too expensive and will give you the option to measure in ounces or grams. This is something that can be important when you’re looking at recipes online from all over the world.


One thing to face up to now on a keto diet: you’re going to be eating and using a lot of eggs. While you can reasonably beat a few eggs for breakfast with a fork, when you’re beating a half dozen or more for a keto dessert, you need a specialized tool. A whisk gets in there and really blends everything quite well.

The fact that you can get a good quality one for extremely cheap and that you can find them practically everywhere is a definite plus. Silicone varieties are typically the best, as they are about as non-stick as you can get, but a plain wire one works just fine.

Ten Essential Baking Tools and Utensils for Beginners - whisk


A spatula is almost as symbolic of cooking as a knife or pan. Great for removing keto cookies from a baking sheet or for separating low carb brownies in a pan, this might be THE most essential kitchen tool.

While metal is great for cast iron usage, if you’ve got non-stick pans, opt for silicone or heat-safe plastic. Metal utensils can damage Teflon, and once it’s scraped up, it’s not safe to use.

Ten Essential Baking Tools and Utensils for Beginners - spatula

Thin mesh sieve

Used for sifting particulate baking ingredients or straining liquids, a sieve has many applications in a keto kitchen. Very fine strainers are also great for rinsing fruits like berries.

Mixing bowls

The French phrase “mise en place” means “everything in its place,” referring to the art of measuring and arranging your ingredients before you cook. It’s almost a meditative practice, gathering your materials and making sure you aren’t scrambling to chop, mix, measure, or find any aspect of your recipe.

Mixing bowls are critical for mise en place, or just regular, non-French cooking. You can typically get a set with varying sizes for multiple applications. No matter what, though, bigger is usually better. It’s much more frustrating to get too small of a bowl and need to transfer ingredients than it is to simply start with a big bowl.

Baking pans and trays

Naturally, you can’t bake if you don’t have anything on which to bake. Cookie sheets, trays, baking pans, and stoneware dishes are all necessary for any kitchen, keto or not. A set of 3 differently sized cookie sheets or trays should have you covered for general baking.

You’ll want a square pan for keto brownies or other similar applications, as well as a rectangular pan or a springform pan for keto cakes. Various sizes ensure you’re not trying to use something for which it’s not designed, as a lot of recipes cook differently depending on the size of the container in which they are baking.

Parchment paper

Not to be confused with wax paper, parchment paper is the original non-stick baking surface. It’s great for keto cookies and keto breads, as it helps with cleaning up and won’t typically burn, even at higher temperatures. Since it’s sold at most grocery stores, parchment paper is fairly easy to have on hand.

Cooling racks

These wire racks allow for air flow to rapidly cool down your baked goods. With keto foods, this can be essential as continuous contact with heat or moisture can ruin their structural integrity.

Cooling racks are also great for baking the types of cookies that you want to crisp up. By allowing air to circulate around the food, it cooks faster than were it in direct contact with a sheet pan.

10 Essential Baking Tools And Utensils For Beginners Cooling racks

Measuring cups

Many recipes will call for cups, ounces, millilitres, and so on, and your kitchen scale can only take you so far. A set of liquid measurement cups will ensure accurate measurements and pours, so you don’t accidentally ruin a recipe.

Measuring spoons

On a smaller scale than the aforementioned cups, spoons allow you to measure out tablespoons all the way down to 1/8 of a teaspoon. Since many keto baking recipes call for tiny measurements of spices and other ingredients, anything that improves your accuracy is essential.

Keto baking done right

Just as we talked about with mise en place, there’s something extremely satisfying about having everything just so, and in being prepared for any culinary creation, you want to make. Having all of these available, ubiquitous kitchen items will increase your cooking confidence and make accurate recipes simple.

The more often you bake and the more closely you’re able to replicate recipes will shine through in your cooking. Having the right tools for the job is only going to make that easier.

Ten Essential Baking Tools and Utensils for Beginners

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